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Violin Concerto No. 1 in Bb Major K.207 Mvt 1, Allegro Moderato

A Brief Summary

This Violin Concerto was thought to be written alongside 4 other Violin concerti in 1775, however after looking at manuscript paper and examining Mozart’s handwriting, the date of composition is estimated to be a full 2 years earlier in 1773, when Mozart was only 17. At this time he was employed at the Salzburg court as a musician and during this time wrote in many genres, before he grew restless and left to find a position elsewhere. 

For future reference, download the score here

The Facts

Mozart wrote this piece when he was just 17 years old!

The Music

Have a listen to Movement 1 in this recording (up to 6'38") -- listen out for the changes between the A and B sections and follow along with this listening guide.

Here is a second video, also showing the score.

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