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Singing Lessons for School Aged Children/Teens

There are so many great reasons to invest in singing lessons for children of all ages, ranging from the scientifically proven mental health benefits of singing, intellectual benefits, and of course, to assist with school based music curriculum.

For children aged 7 - 12 singing lessons can help with literacy, encouraging students to read and learn lyrics gives them extra reading practice, and motivates them to engage with reading in a new way. At this stage when the voice is very young, we can set up good habits and techniques that will support the voice as it begins to develop later in the teenage years.

From 13 - 18 as the voice begins to develop and strengthen students need coaching on how to properly support their voices, using correct technique, breath support and learning the basics of caring for their voices. During this time, students usually begin to develop their personal taste in music and identify their favourite artists and genres. It's vital that students are encouraged to sing the music that resonates with them and in my lessons I make space for this, while still ensuring that their song choices are appropriate and beneficial their growth. 

Singing Lessons for HSC Students


Singers studying HSC Music in the Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music courses are recommended to have weekly lessons of at least 45 minutes in length -- in these courses singers can perform up to six pieces and must do so demonstrating a high level of skill and musicality. In both the Music 1 and 2 courses there is a large theory component and my training at the Sydney Conservatorium has equipped me to support students in studying for this aspect of their study, including tutoring for sight singing, long response questions, score study, and melodic dictations. My HSC students have all achieved a Band 5 or higher and have gone on to study music at a tertiary level, after auditioning successfully for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Singing Lessons for Adults 

Beginning singing lessons can be scary, and even more so as an adult because we already have preconcieved notions of what a singer should sound like. Whatever your goals are, we will work together to create a space that is judgement free and supports your singing journey best. My adult students have gone on to perform professionally in cabarets and live entertainment shows, to successfully audition for one of Sydney's most highly regarded choirs (Sydney Philharmonia Choirs) and study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I also try to offer real world performance experiences for my students, with access to auditions and venues where they can challenge themselves to sing in front of audiences (if they wish to!)

Every voice has value, and we will work together to create a sound you can enjoy and express yourself through.

Teaching Rates


10 minute walk from Kings Cross

Secure parking nearby

Lessons in my studio or your home


5 minute walk from Wahroonga Village

Parking and street parking nearby

Lessons in my studio or your home


Only available in studio​ at
Tutti Music Academy

Individual Lessons

60 mins - $85

45 mins - $61

30 mins - $42.5

My rates are lower the standard industry rates for music teachers and performers in an effort to make music education more affordable, and because I am an early career teacher. I am happy to discuss the reasoning behind my rates with prospective students. (and if you're curious check out the Music Teachers Association of NSW here

I offer a range of payment options and try to be accomodating to my students where possible. Students can opt to pay the term (10 weeks) upfront, or will be invoiced fortnightly.

In the case of absence, the lesson may or may not be charged dependant on the length of notice and circumstance. A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required for the student to qualify for a refund or a make up lesson, otherwise the student will still be charged. 

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