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Lesson Five


4.4 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through exploring, experimenting, improvising, organising, arranging, and composing

4.6 experiments with different forms of technology in the composition process 

4.7 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through listening, observing, responding, discriminating, analysing, discussing and recording musical ideas 

4.8 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through aural identification and discussion of the features of a range of repertoire  

Syllabus Content

Duration | Tone Colour | Dynamics and Expressive Techniques | Texture | Structure

Starter Activity

Building on their work from last week, all the students should be appropriately familiarized with the main theme from The Office and its primary features but replaying it for them as they enter the classroom will help to jog their memories. Students should be directed to soundtrap where they can continue experiment with the piano roll and beatmaker to recreate the theme song.







They should be mindful of the timestamps on both the clip and soundtrap to ensure the music and the video will be in sync when they are put together. This can be done with teacher assistance, or alone for extension if students finish early.


Lesson Body

Students should repeat this activity, choosing their own favourite TV intro to recreate, remix or rewrite. Students should be encouraged to take more artistic liberties with this exercise, drawing inspiration from the original composition, but not necessarily following it. They should be encouraged to use a mixture of music and musical sound effects when completing this task.


Students aren’t expected to finish this exercise within the lesson and should be reminded to save their work. They should also be reminded that their practice assessment is in class next week, where they will be composing along to an unseen clip. In preparation they should continue to use and explore the soundtrap website at home.

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