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Lesson Five


MUS1.1 Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts.

MUS1.2 Explores, creates, selects and organises sound in simple structures

MUS1.3 Uses symbol systems to represent sounds

MUS1.4 Responds to a range of music, expressing likes and dislikes and the reasons for these choices.

Syllabus Content




Starter Activity

Students should revise the song from the previous week -- Oye La Musica as the rest of the lesson will rely heavily on this.

I hear the rhythm of life in music

I hear the rhythm of life in song

I know the rhythm of life is beating

Because the rhythm of life is strong

Oye La Musica

The rhythm of life

Oye La Musica

The rhythm of life

Lesson Body

Using egg shakers and maracas, students should copy the rhythms given in the beat boxes, and once they feel comfortable with these should begin singing with them. Once the students seem comfortable identifying which rhythm fits with each part of the song, appoint a few leaders (for the struggling students to watch) and move to accompany them on a chordal instrument.

The chords are 

Cm, Cm, G, G,

G, G, Cm, Cm  :||

Cm, Bb/Cm Ab/Cm G7

Cm, Cm, G :||

Students should repeat until they are confident enough to perform without direction.


If there is time, play Bee Bee Bumblebee. Students who didn't have a turn last week should let the teacher know if they wish for a turn this week.

Have students line up at the door and dismiss them.

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