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Lesson Five


MUS3.1 Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, individually and in groups, demonstrating a knowledge of musical concepts. 

MUS3.2 Improvises, experiments, selects, combines and orders sound using musical concepts. 

MUS3.3 Notates and discusses own work and the work of others. 

MUS3.4 Identifies the use of musical concepts and symbols in a range of musical styles.

Syllabus Content

Duration | Pitch | Tone Colour | Dynamics

Starter Activity

Students should begin the lesson by playing Pass the Beat.

In a four beat pattern, students will say one word each, like so:

PASS / THE / BEAT / (clap) 

Students will continue to pass this pattern around the circle, until one of them says the wrong word, or goes too fast or too slow. Once a student is 'out' they must sit down - its important that they are silent for the rest of the game to prevent the other students from being distracted.

Lesson Body

Open the lyric video to Jingle Bell Rock ---->

Students should be instructed first to listen, and then when the video is replayed, to copy.

Play the video from 0:00 to 0:23. Replay this portion of the video and have students sing along. Repeat this process with the following timestamps:

0:23 - 0:39

0:39 - 0:43

0:43 - 0:56

0:56 - 1:11

Once they've completed up to the first chorus, have them sing the whole song, together with the track. Revise sections they may have forgotten using the process above (what a bright time will be tricky, as will giddy up jingle horse)

Once they are confident with all parts up to the first chorus, have them practice with the karaoke track. ----> 


If students have completed this within the 30 minutes, have them play pass the beat (for a quick time filler) or have them learn the second verse of Jingle Bell Rock for more time.

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