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Lesson Two


4.2 performs music using different forms of notation and different types of technology across a broad range of musical styles 

4.3 performs music demonstrating solo and/or ensemble awareness 

4.4 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through exploring, experimenting, improvising, organising, arranging, and composing

4.7 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through listening, observing, responding, discriminating, analysing, discussing and recording musical ideas 

Syllabus Content

Duration | Tone Colour | Dynamics and Expressive Techniques | Texture | Structure

Starter Activity

Students will watch the short film ‘The Bread’ and reflect on the use of sound effects – are they realistic? Are they exaggerated? What do they add to this clip?

The clip should be played again on mute and students should improvise, interjecting sound effects when they see fit.


Lesson Body

The students will start by listening to a short excerpt from ‘A Bugs Life’ (up to the 1:00 mark) and be directed to compose in groups, using classroom instruments. Their focus should be on providing ‘musical sound effects’, mirroring the action on the screen with their instruments (a caterpillar may be accompanied by a xylophone glissando, or heavy footsteps by boomwhackers).


Composing along to the new video clip, providing sound effects by using classroom instruments. The clip should be played on the class smartboard while students break into groups and collaborate, using different instruments, body percussion, and vocal effects. Once the student have completed this activity, they should perform for each other.


While packing up and returning instruments to their designated areas, students should reflect on how each performance differed and what was most effective in each performance.

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