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Lesson Three


MUS3.1 Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, individually and in groups, demonstrating a knowledge of musical concepts. 

MUS3.2 Improvises, experiments, selects, combines and orders sound using musical concepts. 

MUS3.3 Notates and discusses own work and the work of others. 

MUS3.4 Identifies the use of musical concepts and symbols in a range of musical styles.

Syllabus Content

Duration | Structure

Starter Activity

All students should stand in a circle before beginning and be instructed to copy, reading the rhythm off the rhythm grids. This should be played as a call and response, at least four times through, and once they seem to be reading in a satisfactory manner, let them play through the rhythm all at once.

Lesson Body
While viewing the beat grid, students should play along with
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, repeating each line 4x
(line 3 and 4, 8x each). This will allow them to allow
each rhythm, and practice reading on their own in a
environment and ideally will build reading confidence.
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 2.23.55 pm.png

Once students have completed the starter activity, guide them
through the grid above, designed to be played alongside
5 Seconds of Summer's Youngblood. This grid mimics the
drum track the piece and should give the students a sense that they
are playing 'real music'. 


Have the students perform the piece.

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