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Lesson Seven


4.4 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through exploring, experimenting, improvising, organising, arranging, and composing

4.6 experiments with different forms of technology in the composition process 

4.7 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through listening, observing, responding, discriminating, analysing, discussing and recording musical ideas 

4.8 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through aural identification and discussion of the features of a range of repertoire  

Syllabus Content

Duration | Tone Colour | Dynamics and Expressive Techniques | Texture | Structure

Starter Activity

Students will receive their feedback and marks from the previous week’s practice exam. They should take a moment to reflect on what they would best benefit from in this lesson.

Lesson Body

Students are able to choose their activity for this lesson based on what will best prepare them for next weeks exam.

Their options are:

  • Redo the practice exam

  • Continue working on their recreation of their favourite TV intro

  • Compose along to a completely new clip

The supervising teacher should endeavor to spend time with each student, advising them on what changes they should make before next week.

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 11.54.59 am.png

Student should save their work, advise students to ask questions and email any work/examples to the teacher for feedback before the exam.

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