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Lesson Three


MUS1.1 Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts.

MUS1.2 Explores, creates, selects and organises sound in simple structures

MUS1.3 Uses symbol systems to represent sounds

MUS1.4 Responds to a range of music, expressing likes and dislikes and the reasons for these choices.

Syllabus Content

Duration | Structure | Dynamics 

Starter Activity

Students should begin the lesson by one again singing the song Bee Bee Bumblebee.

First students should sing the song while keeping the beat in their hands before passing around the bee toy.

This week, students should be told that not everyone will get a turn singing with the toy bee. They should be encouraged to remember that even if they don't get a go during this lesson, they will have another chance next week. This will promote sharing and turn taking!

Lesson Body

The teacher should set up four hula hoops in a single row, and have the students form a line in front of them. The teacher should ask students to recall the exercise they performed last week (jumping on the beat) and tell them that this week will be a bit different. this week they will be jumping to and clapping the rhythms.

Students will hop through the hoops on their own, following the beat of a chosen song (not too fast, but also not too slow -- Baby Shark is a good choice if you're stuck!)

The teacher can jump alongside struggling students to help them get started.

Once all students have mastered this skill, they should repeat the exercise in different tempi -- for this portion of the activity the teacher should play music on their chosen instrument so they can shift the tempo around.


Have the students continue the game, getting faster and slower in an extreme manner (student may get silly at this point, so remind them of the rules) and continue until the end of the lesson.

Have students line up at the door and dismiss them.

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