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Group on Drums

Stage 2 Unit of Work

an introduction to beat and rhythm

Lesson One

This lesson allows students to perform and compose rhythms through a series of games and group activities. Through this lesson students will learn new rhythms, terminology and musical skills.


Lesson Three

Students get a first look into learning drumbeats and accompanying a track!!


Lesson Five

Students begin to create their own rhythms and compose their own drum lines for pop songs by working in groups and using improvisation and notation.

Image by Matthijs Smit

Lesson Two

Students will compose, listen and perform for each other using vocals, body percussion and classroom instruments, expanding their knowledge of duration and introducing new rhythms

Young Drummer

Lesson Four

Students begin to notate heard rhythms (an early look into rhythmic dictations) and take a step towards swung and syncopated rhythms.

Band Practice

Lesson Six

Students work together to create a drum line for a well known song and become songwriters in 30mins. - coming soon!

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