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Internship -- Week 2

Week Two 25.09.23 — 01.10.23

Day 1

This week I’m mostly at uni doing a compulsory intensive for the end of my degree which takes away a lot of the time I could be at rehearsals for. We are blocking Act 2 for most of this week, so I’m a little bit worried about keeping up with new material, however, being mostly stationed behind the glass as part of the band means there shouldn’t be too much for me to work on. Anastasia the Stage Manager has been wonderful in uploading all the rehearsal videos to the google drive so I’ll be able to use them to keep on top of anything new. This afternoon I arrived just in time to watch the end of the act 1 run — I’m amazed at how quickly it is coming together. I know there is a lot of rehearsing and polishing still to do, but it’s quite incredible to think we’re already half way through. The principal cast are basically off book with all their lines and songs which is also amazing to me — I have no idea how they are memorising all this content so quickly!

Tomorrow evening we have a music call — our MD Andy sadly had to step back from the production, so I’m hoping the new MD will be arriving soon so we can start polishing soon.

Day 2

Everyone has covid! Unfortunately 3 of our cast members were out with covid today and the swings were working very hard. I’m feeling pretty confident with Act 2 and working out each of my entries which is good. I haven’t looked at act one for a while so I’m not feeling super confident with it but I’m going to hopefully have a go tomorrow at during the full run through! Act 1 has a more scary entries for me so I’m a bit more worried about it, but glad we still have another 2 weeks of rehearsals before previews.

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