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Internship -- Week 3

Week Three 02.10.23 — 08.10.23

Day 1

I am not doing well in act one. Unfortunately because we’ve had so many people in and out of rehearsals (and since I was away so much last week) the Egerman cast haven’t had a lot of time together as an ensemble. I worked a little with Molly and Xia today on Perpetual Anticipation and our blend was really great so I think it’ll come together, we just need more time. In Act One I'm struggling to remember entries (especially after big blocks of dialogue) and I'm forgetting lyrics for Remember (part 1 and 3). There is a lot of repetition in these pieces and I'm having trouble remembering the order of my lines

Day 2

We were called for 3 hours today. The first two hours we mostly watched the principles rehearse their entrance for the night waltz and then sang through it once before we went in for our costume fittings

We’re in black dresses with stockings and chorus shoes and suits with waistcoats. We're also getting reference images soon for our hair and make up which will be exciting -- because the space in the theatre is so small we won't have to do much which will save a lot of time.

Day 3

I have covid, so won’t be at rehearsals for a few days. I don’t have any symptoms which is really strange so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to return to rehearsals.

Day 4

I’ve returned after two days with no symptoms. Unfortunately while I was away we changed a lot of the blocking which I always find really hard to keep up with. We did a run through of act one which was great because I haven’t done a lot of that act, but it did take me a moment to remember everywhere I needed to be. They took out a lot of our movements and actions out, so it’s pretty much just making faces and watching people at this stage. I’m frustrated with how little we do sometimes, but I am enjoying the music.

Day 5

We had a go at a full run today and I think I did pretty well! We did act two while the other quintet did act one and I remembered most of what I was meant to do which I’m pleased with. I forgot a couple words here and there but I think I’ll be fine after tech week. We also saw our final costumes which are alright. We’re basically in choir/band blacks, but I find them really comfortable so I’m happy. We have another full run on Monday which I’m hoping to nail.

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