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Internship -- The Run and Wrap Up

It’s been a long run! We have four more shows left before we close.

It’s been such an interesting experience to be a part of this show and to work with such a talented cast.

Through previews and our first week I was surprised to find that I was struggling with nerves in Act 1 — I was terrified of forgetting the words in the Remembers! As the run has continued I’ve gotten better, and I’ve managed to find strategies that make me feel more confident, like running over the words backstage and using some breathing techniques. Now that we’re almost to the end of the run I feel much more confident — still with a few slips here and there, but much better than in our dress rehearsals.

Doing this internship alongside my PEX 3 final placement was very interesting and difficult. In PEX 3 I was constantly supervised and advised on what to do, which I found extremely helpful and felt more confident knowing I had a safety net to fall back on. This internship was very different, and I really struggled at times when we weren’t receiving feedback and advice. Being dropped in the deep end was difficult, but it did force growth, and it forced us to be adaptable, flexible and proactive.

I feel that I’ve gained contacts in Musical Theatre circles and would feel more confident stepping into an audition in this musical world very different from the ones I’m used to.

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