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Internship -- Week 5

Week 5 16.10.23 — 21.10.23

Day 1

Our last preview was today and went pretty well. During our Remember duet, Denzel and I paused a little too long, waiting for each other to sing. It was fine and we kept going but it really shook me for some reason. I can be a perfectionist when it comes to performances so making mistakes is always very scary to me. I was annoyed because I second guess myself so easily, even with music I have memorised and know really well. I think I need to take more time before each show just to quickly think through my entries and lyrics, not because I don’t know them, but to give myself more confidence so I can perform more confidently.

Day 2

Opening night went well! I do often get some performance anxiety if I’m worried about making mistakes, but I was glad that it didn’t impact my voice. I missed one entry tonight, but I was feeling much better about the remembers, and Denzel and I nailed the duet part at the start so I’m really happy with my growth. I’m excited to see how the show develops in the run — its interesting to see what little improvisations and changes in tone/pace the principle cast will implement based on the vibe of the audience and I’ve been enjoying spotting the differences each night. I’m also interested to see how everyone maintains their interest and stamina over the run, especially since we’ve been extended for another week in November.


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