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Week 12

We had our assessments this week including the performance of the Mozart and Cat-Like Tread, as well as an improvisation activity and a cold read.

Because we hadn’t been able to practice with Simon for so long and had been starting the music in the wrong spot, our counts were out and the whole thing completely collapsed. I was so confused and I was kind of expecting Nell to stop up maybe, but we kept going, and did the bridesmaids duet and went through to the end of the performance. Fortunately we were able to do it again and it went much better the second time around. We never really got to run the end of the piece so we all came in early to figure it out before the assessment and while it wasn’t perfect we at least had something to show.

I felt confident in knowing the choreography and what was coming next and I think this course has helped me prepare to memorise more choreography, but I know I need to do more work on dance, especially in strengthening my body so I can move more easily and gracefully through movements.

Cat-Like Tread is so fun and I felt like Grace and I did really well and playing of each other in this performance. I finally worked out my box step for this one, but I was slightly less confident with the order of the choreography because I spent less time on it thinking it would be easier. I felt like I got to do more acting in this one and I really enjoyed the piece.

I found the improvisation interesting. I like improv and I’m quite comfortable with it, but I put myself in a position on stage where I actually didn’t get to do much or interact with the other characters in a meaningful way that contributed to the plot. Everyone else in the group was great, but in hindsight I think I need to find something else to do so I could contribute more.

I felt similar about the cold read. I just didn’t really know what to do in the character of the policeman and I while I was still able to take direction and got through the scene okay, I think something I can really work on is knowing how to make acting choices to stand out. I think looking a little more into Laban will be good for me and my development, and really should have been something I looked into more before our final reads.

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