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Week Eight


Today we had our first lecture in Contemporary Pedagogies and Flipped Learning with Brad Fuller, and I am already a huge fan. I've always preferred to learn things through experience and through actually doing them, and I think the idea of learning guitar through jamming and actually just playing songs is awesome and pretty reminiscent of what I've been doing for the majority of the semester. ​While I've finished learning the chords, there are definitely a few which need to sound clearer, and still require me to practice shifting to them. F major is the bane of my existence and I hate it, but I will continue to work on it, with focus on making sure that there is even pressure on each string. I guess worst case scenario, I could just substitute a F7 chord, and leave the first finger off. I'm also still having trouble with G7 because its really hard to shift to, and I'm still not really having any luck with it.

Blue - Memorised and at an 'acceptable' standard Pink - Pink - Learning Yellow - Not learned yet I've also been working on my strumming, and working on a number of different patterns that I can use for different songs and styles. I've been doing this with Vance Joy's Riptide​, and Red by Taylor Swift, which both use different strumming patterns including what Brad calls 'Dropping Bombs', (just playing one chord per bar).

Red​ by Taylor Swift Yuji812. (2016). Red Chords by Taylor Swift. Retrieved from

Riptide by Vance Joy Ray o' Sunshine. (2019). Riptide Chords (ver 2) by Vance Joy. Retrieved from Download File Riptide Recording

The strumming is still pretty messy, and tends to accent the top and bottom strings of the guitar. I think I need to try get away from these strings, and also be a bit more gentle with them to improve the sound.

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