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Week One

Planning for the new term and getting to design my own units always makes me excited about going into a career in Music Education. For my first two terms at Banksmeadow, I wasn't sure about the abilities or levels of the students, especially because they hadn't had a music program in their school for a few years, but this term I swapped back to teaching the Stage 2 and 3 students and I know what level/ability they are, so I was able to plan my unit in more detail. So far I’ve found that it takes more pressure off me during the term and it gives the unit a better progression. I find it also makes me push myself (and the students) to work harder and learn more, because I already had specific goals in mind for them – below you can find the first 3 weeks of my program.

Week One was really wonderful, the kids were so happy to be back in music and they really enjoyed the lesson. We began by playing pass the beat, and they caught on really quickly to the rules of the game, and ended up being really precise with keeping the beat. I really love this game because it’s fun and competitive and therefore really inspires the kids to be picky with themselves and their classmates. If they played too fast or too slow, they were out, and by the end of our second round, kids were sitting themselves out (without me asking) when they could hear they’d done something wrong. It was also really helpful to me as a teacher to see which kids were aware of the beat and tempo, and which kids weren’t quite grabbing the concept.

After this we learned a song quickly – most of the kids already know It Could’ve Been Me from the movie Sing 2, so the process was really quick. This was nice as a little ‘brain break’ to separate the lesson up a bit and also bring them back to singing, building on the skills they had learned in choir in Term 3.

I found that I had to do a lot of behaviour management this week, which I should have expected being the first week back from holidays, unfortunately I didn’t anticipate it which meant I wasn’t prepared and ended up unfortunately yelling over the kids to get their attention and to quiet them. I really dislike doing this, and I’m hoping to get a whistle or something because I hate raising my voice at them, and I don’t want them to think I’m upset with them, I just don’t know how else to get over the sound when they’re all super excited and noisy.

Overall, I thought these lessons went pretty well, especially being the first week back, and I am so looking forward to the rest of the term.

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