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Week Six


This week I came to realise that the Orff approach is not only useful for teaching specific songs with their accompanying body percussion and movement, but can be really useful in helping students understand more complicated concepts, like structure, and helping them learn music written with complex rhythms and metres. The lecture was based around The First Circle (3:05-4:44) by Rarum, a Jazz Fusion piece containing numerous changes in metre. After teaching the different sections of the piece using the words ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Butter’ to simplify the learning of additive metres and then transferring this into body percussion we were made to listen to a recording of the piece, and had to figure out the structure of the piece by identifying the sections we had learned. To me this highlighted the ability for Orff teaching to convey complex concepts, but also its significance in allowing inexperienced musicians to perform difficult music, by teaching pieces aurally through repetition, rather than relying on written notation, which can be difficult for inexperienced musicians to read and understand.

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