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Week Six and Seven

Week Six was full of fun projects!! I'm so excited to finally be learning more about technology and how to incorporate it into my private teaching, my lesson plans and in my making of resources.

This week I've finished a few videos including - Love Story cover (for Technology in Music Education) and a drum tutorial for Popular Music Studies. I also finished a series of lesson plans for Junior Secondary Music, but I feel that there were a lot more ways I could have incorporated technology in to these lesson plans. The lesson plans include the use of jam hubs and video tutorials, but I think using some looping apps like flip sampler or ableton live could have been interesting for a starter activity.

My video editing skills are still improving and growing, but below you will find a cover Love Story by Taylor Swift, and in my resources page for Still Into You you can find the drum tutorial - linked here:

I've also been lucky enough to begin production week on Bach's Mass in B Minor with Sydney Philharmonia Choir's VOX . I'm so excited to sing my first proper concert with VOX, but five rehearsals a week has been making it difficult to keep up with my assignments and I am suuuuper exhausted, but it'll absolutely be worth it.

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