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Week Thirteen

12/2/2019 0 Comments

This morning we had the final lecture for KAME, and I think that although I didn't like the approach presented by the Kodaly Method, I thought that Constructivist Learning, and Flipped Learning was really useful and has really useful applications in the classroom, as well as in learning guitar (and other instruments, I'm sure). As my recital preparation amps up and exams draw nearer, I'm finding it difficult to balance study, and practice for voice and guitar. However, I'm still trying to keep playing, including attempting some fingerpicking. I've started with a classic - Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. I've just been playing through it really slowly. Its actually also been really helpful with making sure I am putting an equal amount of pressure on each of the strings to eliminate buzzing and muted strings, because plucking each string individually highlights where I need to put more pressure, or move my finger up closer to the fret, or make sure it wasn't being muted by another finger. I am feeling pretty good about the exam as I know all the chords pretty well, and my strumming is coming along alright. I think if I continue practicing by playing through a ton of different songs, I will be all good for the exam in a few weeks.

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