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Week Three


The positive impacts of short term music tuition on the fine motor skills of children in this weeks reading demonstrates the significance of music education to children and its ability to improve skills in multiple areas of their life, indicating that a more extensive music education could continue and further develop these benefits for children.

I think that music education and tuition is also beneficial to students through its focus on the individual, as I’ve learned that it requires students to build a rapport with their students, and understand them as individuals in order to use the most appropriate teaching methods. This is further emphasised in Pam Burnard’s Teaching Music Creatively (2017), which also highlights the importance of ‘real world practice’, in the form of experiential learning, performance opportunity and formalised learning. Both these readings emphasised the importance of knowing and understanding individual students and their needs, and catering to them by using teaching methods that are appropriate and tailored to each student (otherwise called differentiation).

Burnard, P. (2017). Teaching music creatively. [Book chapter].

Martins, M., Neves, L., Rodrigues, P., Vasconcelos, O., & Castro, S. (2018). Orff-Based Music Training Enhances Children’s Manual Dexterity and Bimanual Coordination. Frontiers in Psychology, 9.\

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