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Week Twelve


My practice has been going pretty well this past week. I feel pretty confident with all the chords and fingerings, I'm just still having difficulty getting a really clear sound. Often I have buzzing strings (usually the top E string) and a generally muted sound. I think this is due to still not putting enough/even pressure on the strings, but also I've noticed that my fourth finger tends to rest against the top string, which causes the sound to be come muted or buzzy, so I've been focusing on correcting this.

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Havana by Camilla Cabello Stumbledthrough. (2018). Havana Chords by Camilla Cabello. Retrieved from

There is just under a month left until the exam, and I feel comfortable in knowing all the chords, but I still am slow at moving in between all of them, so I've just been practicing this by moving through a bunch of songs and learning by gaining experience. In Contemporary Pedagogies, I've been picking up a few more terms and techniques, like 'laying eggs', power chords, muting strings, changing the tone depending on where you strum/pick the strings. I've also been refining my strumming, which I think is improving, but I still find it super difficult to sing along! Luckily that won't be assessed.

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