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Week Two


The Richard Gill video was a good introduction to Orff Schulwerk and a good opportunity to see it in action and see its impact on the children in the class in real time. It was interesting to see Richard using Orff techniques even when simply interacting with the class. This included using simple and very straight forward instructions (“Watch”. “Listen”. “Please sit”.) He also kept their attention by whispering, and by giving the students individual roles. I thought it was also interesting to see the reactions of the teachers afterwards. I really agreed with Richard’s statement, that the way to learn and understand music, is by making it, and composing it yourself, which I’ve learned is typical of Orff Schulwerk from the following articles and sources ( and ANCOS. (2019). What is Orf Schulwerk. Retrieved from Gill, Richard. (Richard James) (2000). The creative music classroom with Richard Gill. MLC School, [Burwood, NSW]. What is Orff Schulwerk? (2014, March 29) [Video file]. Retrieved from

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