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Weeks Eight, Nine and Ten

It's been a very hectic few weeks, but they've been filled with amazing opportunities. Firstly, I was able to perform Bach's Mass in B minor with the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs at Sydney Town Hall. It was incredible to sing on the Town Hall stage again with an incredible choir and orchestra after so many weeks of preparation.

The performance received several glowing reviews, and listening to the incredible soloists was a treat in itself. Following this performance I sang an Easter service at St Martin's in Killara before heading down the coast for a few days over mid-semester break.

While it was a lovely getaway, I also had some time to work on my upcoming projects, including learning resources for MUED4006, a Stage 4 Unit of Work for MUED3605 and a Stage 3 Unit of Work for my new job as a primary school SLSO/Music Teacher. Its been so rewarding not only building real units of work but being able to apply them to real students and real schools. Similarly, my new job as an SLSO and Primary Music Teacher at a Sydney public school has also allowed me to gain more hands on experience as a teacher and allows me to develop my teaching style in an environment where I can receive feedback from a multitude of currently practicing teachers who are watching my progression on a week by week basis.

I'm so proud of how the resources I've created turned out, and you can find them at the links below. Enjoy!



STAGE 3 UNIT OF WORK - still in progress!!!

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