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Red Chairs

Stage 4 Unit of Work

film and television music

Lesson One

This lesson allows students to perform and compose through a series of activities, games and soundscape exercises. 


Lesson Three

Students will explore different film genres and the music that accompanies them. This lesson will require students to listen, compose and perform in teams to discern the features of these genres.


Lesson Five

Students have the opportunity to compose introductions for their own favourite television shows.


Lesson Seven

Student shave an opportunity to revise the content of the Unit of Work, further explore SoundTrap, finishing their reworked TV themes, or composing for a new clip.

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Lesson Two

Students will compose, listen and perform for each other using vocals, body percussion and classroom instruments to learn more about film music by creating an accompanying soundtrack for 'A Bug's Life'.


Lesson Four

Through this lesson students will recreate the theme song from The Office, eventually leading them to recreate the themes from their own favourite shows next lesson. Students will have the opportunity listen, compose and 'perform' their music for the class.


Lesson Six

Students will complete a practice assessment to a previously unseen clip.

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Lesson Eight

The final lesson and Assessment for the Film and Television Music Unit of Work.

Image by Marius Masalar
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