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Lesson One


4.3 performs music demonstrating solo and/or ensemble awareness 

4.4 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through exploring, experimenting, improvising, organising, arranging, and composing

4.7 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through listening, observing, responding, discriminating, analysing, discussing and recording musical ideas 

Syllabus Content

Duration | Tone Colour | Dynamics and Expressive Techniques | Texture | Structure

Starter Activity

On the board, present to the class a series of pictures and icons. These can be either be straightforward and logical or abstract and creative. Have the students work together in groups or pairs to recreate the sounds. These should be performed for the rest of the class in groups, demonstrating the different sounds that each group has come up with for the same picture/icons.


Lesson Body
Students should watch ‘PIP’ a short film (play from 2:40 – 3:30) and in groups use a storyline grid to plan sound effects for different moments in the clip, using the prepared icons and their own symbols. They should think about soundscapes and sound effects they could create. (click images for link)

Once they have performed these for each other they should repeat the activity with ‘The Present’ in new groups and spend more time, trying to create a more detailed representation of the sound effects in the film. This is a longer clip and should take them the rest of the lesson


They will perform their renditions of the short film for the class and reflect on what each group did best and how the sound effects change the clips.

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