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with Rockdale Opera Company

It was a pleasure and an honour to be able to perform this gorgeous operetta with Rockdale Opera Company in November of 2022.
I was called in with a little over a month left of production to fill in for the role when their original Adele was unable to make the second performance. It was a fast learning curve to learn the music and blocking in only a few weeks but very much worth it!

Photography by Mark Padina at ARTPIX

ARTPIX Mark Padina-8885.JPG
ARTPIX Mark Padina-8877.JPG
ARTPIX Mark Padina-8904.jpg
ARTPIX Mark Padina-8952.JPG
ARTPIX Mark Padina-9573.jpg
ARTPIX Mark Padina-9591.jpg
ARTPIX Mark Padina-9565.JPG
ARTPIX Mark Padina-9613b.jpg
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